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Thread: Migration from myCommerce (Digital River) to Paddle

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    Default Migration from myCommerce (Digital River) to Paddle


    just wanted to let everyone know that we're in the process of migrating all
    license types away from myCommerce (Digital River) to Paddle. Our site will
    be on and off until sometime Friday (09/20/2019) afternoon, but never
    completely down for more than five minutes. The web update server
    (LiveUpdate) for SetupBuilder will not be affected.

    Thank you for your patience and support. Happy SetupBuilding...

    Friedrich Linder
    Lindersoft | SetupBuilder |
    Voice: +1.954.537.3701 | Fax: +1.954.537.3702

    --SetupBuilder "point. click. ship"
    --Helping You Build Better Installations
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    Default Re: Migration from myCommerce (Digital River) to Paddle

    Migration completed. I am very happy with the end-result.

    We're sad to see eSellerate go for many reasons, not least the many features
    it provided us and how helpful its wonderful staff have been to us over the

    But as they say on Love Island (apparently), "It is what it is." Our new
    main credit card processor Paddle is a well-respected e-commerce platform
    used by many popular apps.

    If you have bought a SetupBuilder version via eSellerate in the past, don't
    worry, it will NOT stop working! The SetupBuilder license system is
    completely e-commerce platform independent. But we had to re-write and
    re-organize the underlying ordering system.


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    Default Re: Migration from myCommerce (Digital River) to Paddle

    Tried a new Paddle e-commerce platform: honestly speaking do not like UI at all: info to be entered on several screens! You see no holistic/complete info etc.
    Every screen asks you a small part of info - WHY?? There is NO Back button so now way to change something entered wrong? Even you can't see what info was already entered...

    Also, it looks that Paddle e-commerce platform is not GDPR compliant for EU customers (since they want to operate in EU they needs to follow GDPR rules).


    best regards,

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