Hi all,

Don't know if anyone has noticed but Comodo is no longer Comodo, but
Sectigo. I needed to get a new certificate this week. Had to use
Internet Explorer (what are they going to do when that goes belly up???)
as Chrome, Edge and Firefox don't work.

Anyway, I ordered it Wednesday afternoon around 5:305PM, but for some
reason my email went on strike and I didn't get any email until Thursday
morning. I had received an email with the callback code at 5:44 but
didn't receive it until Thursday morning. By that time the code no
longer worked (probably expired) Submitted a ticket at 10:50AM and got
an update code at 11:48 that worked and at 11:58 I got an email saying
the certificate was ready. Retrieved it with IE and everything's good.
If my email hadn't been messed up I probably would have received the
certificate within half an hour of ordering.

I've never had this speedy service from Comodo. None of the usual
runaround about this missing and that missing and can't do that and
can't do this and 10 people emailing you with the same thing or
contradictory things and "oh, by the way it's all here after all"

I know that Comodo was a horrifyingly badly run operation few years ago
and nobody really knew what they were doing (according to people who
worked there) but something has definitely changed for the better!

So all in all a PLEASANT experience for the first time I've had to deal
with buying a code signing certificate!

Best regards,

Arnor Baldvinsson
Icetips Alta LLC