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Thread: Installing to Admin account instead of User Account

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    Default Installing to Admin account instead of User Account

    I have a customer on Windows 10.
    When they run the installer it installs to the Admin Account.
    This causes problems as many files are not installed in her User Acccount.
    She is logged into the User Account so can't figure out why it is installed to Admin account.

    Some support files are supposed to go here:
    C:\Users\Mary\Documents\Torrid Technologies\Retirement Savings Planner
    where Mary is the user but instead
    they are going here:
    C:\Users\Admin Account\Documents\Torrid Technologies\Retirement Savings Planner

    Never had this issue before and we have many Windows 10 users.
    Wondering if her computer is messed up somehow.

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    Default Re: Installing to Admin account instead of User Account


    Windows NT introduced this "feature" and UAC (in Windows Vista) improved it ;-)


    If you are running the installer elevated, files go to the Admin (machine-wide) location. If you run it non-elevated, files go to the per-user location. The computer is okay and works as expected.

    Hope this helps.


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