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    Default SSL Certificate

    Hi All

    I am not getting any response from Lindersoft so I post here.

    What is the difference between Instant SSL Certificate, Instant SSL Pro
    Certificate and Instant Premium Certificate?

    This is for a public facing IP - no domain.

    Which one do I select?


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    Default Re: SSL Certificate

    Anyone know what has happened to Friedrich? I usually get quick
    responses from him or Andrea but no more.



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    Default Re: SSL Certificate

    Hi Andre,

    I answered on Friday, Jan 17. I did not get your reply to it, but answered
    to your re-sent one minute ago.

    The SSL Certificates are Sectigo / Comodo products. We do not support or
    sell these products. We only give access to the certificates.
    Unfortunately, we can't answer any technical question. Funny, that their
    support guys have no idea what the difference between instant, instant pro
    and premium is:

    Here is a link to their Premium SSL certificate:


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    Default Re: SSL Certificate

    Thanks - got your email as well.

    I am going to grill them tomorrow and see what I can get out of them.


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    Default Re: SSL Certificate

    As per PM it appears to be the warranty that is the difference. Going
    to contact them on Monday and confirm,

    Will revert and post my findings here.


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    Default Re: SSL Certificate

    Hey, Andre,

    Certificate Authorities have made a lot of bucks by up-selling more
    expensive certificates.

    Don't know whether you've noticed that the expensive GREEN browser
    address bar that was a selling point for the EV certificates has been
    dropping away:



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    Default Re: SSL Certificate

    > Certificate Authorities have made a lot of bucks by up-selling more
    > expensive certificates.

    Yep - I was more concerned that the difference was attached to the
    validation process - we need an OV as this is a public facing IP. In
    fact, we need to get onto their EPK program as there are to be many
    cloud servers unattached to public domains. They will OV us once and we
    can purchase unlimited certificates against that.


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