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Thread: What's the status of the MSI "converter" / "compiler" aka SBMSI?

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    Default What's the status of the MSI "converter" / "compiler" aka SBMSI?

    Is SBMSI and the exe2msi function a current solution? The threads on this subject are pretty old, so I dont know if that's because the feature is stable, not in demand, dead, or something else

    I have high security (Federal, military and similar) folks asking for a MSI because their security software will accept a MSI without much contention, but will reject a EXE by default.


    (detail from the user)

    "I know this would not be a trivial update, but if possible, could you provide us an MSI file to install your app? EXE files are often blocked by our host intrusion prevention software. MSI files never seem to have an issue with being blocked by HIPS. I can submit a request for a HIPS exception to install the program. But it can take a couple of months for exceptions to go through and I need to submit a new exception for every version of your app that we want to use. Also, sometimes new security policies will break the install process which will again require me to submit another HIPS exception request."
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