How do I make SetupBuilder show a subtitle under the Application Name listed in Windows 10, Settings, Apps & Features?

A few programs display a second line of text underneath the Application Name field on the “Settings / Apps & Features” page on my Windows 10 computer. Text in this second line is searchable, so I would like to add a Company Name for the product I install with SetupBuilder.

If I right-click my application’s entry in the Windows Start Menu I can select “Uninstall”. This opens the old style “Programs and Features” window where I can see my Application Name in the first column and my company name in the Publisher column.

Apparently, the optional line of text under an Application’s Name on the “Apps & Features” window is not considered the “Publisher”. I made a script with sample text in every field in the "Add/Remove Programs" section of my script but none of those fields ended up on the Windows 10 / Settings / Apps & Features page.

-Rich F.