Timestamp Server is still unavailable!

GlobalSign are currently experiencing an outage in one of our data centres,
which affects the following services:

- Issuance (GCC)
- OCSP (+ Microsoft OCSP)
- Timestamping services (non DSS)

Additionally, some customers may experience issues with intermittent HTTP
status errors.

Current Status: Updated 12 March 2020, 5:15 am EDT

Our Singapore data center is still suffering from the fallout of the earlier
incident. The team has been working throughout the day to get more tweaks
and limitations in place to ensure the environment is not rendered
unavailable again. Right now the data center is stabilizing, however due to
big queues of service it will take some time to clear the backlogs. While
this is happening some requests might still not be served (503 error) in
order to clear the backlogs in a stabilized way. This error should gradually
reduce and ultimately operations should render normal again.

We will share and publish an incident report as soon as we have completed
our investigation.

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