Hello all,

two Questions following.

1.) Do I need to add both x84 AND x64 VC++-Redistributables?

2.) Is the process in SB broken?

Loooong version:

Since Nettalk 11 has switched to the latest OpenSSL 1.1.1 for encryption, the
new installations of Clarion / Nettalk-combos now need the very recent
VC++-Redistributables (15/17/19).
Leads to

There are two different flavors. one for 32-bit (x86) and another for 64-bit (x64).

I _assume_, that this relies on the Operating System running on the target
machine, not the nature of our own EXE.

Now I want to add "Core PreRequisites" in my SB-script. I have the choice to
check both x32 and x64.

From what I understand in the Help-file, I have to call "Help => Reditributable
Manager" and select the package I desire.

SB will include both package then into my Installer.EXE? Or a link to Microsoft
and get it downloaded during the install?

As I do not know, what OS-type is running at the customer, is it okay to
checkmark both and SB will decide at runtime?

However, at the moment I cannot add anything, because the "Redistributable
Manager" retruns the error 999, when I try to d/l the list.

Its this possibly a momentary lapse and I better try later on or has the
process changed, iow is broken?

Wolfgang Orth

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