I wanted to create my product which will look for new updates and then download them and install them. I was trying same with SB10 and I am unable to do so. What I have done is create a product with version 1.0.0 with Enable web update and install web update client, and now running WUPDATE.EXE to check how it works. I have given as shared drives IP address as host address. am I doing wrong?
Is Download File Function only work with http or https? what if i want to use with shared drive? or on my machine only for testing??or ftp? how to use it?
All in one I want to achieve Auto updater application, if my new version is on some shared drive or web site then what I need to do?
I am not much detailed aware about auto updater in SB so it will helpful if you help me with the process.

Thanks in advance!