Thank you very much Friedrich, for your immediate reply.

We are trying to build a prerequisite screen for our product. Mainly prerequisite screen will have a list of prerequisite software which has not installed on user machine, each item will have a checkbox in front of software name. By default all check box will be checked and mandatory softwares check box are disabled, however user can uncheck not mandatory softwares checkbox if user want. When user click on install button we want to install all checked softwares on user machine and show progress for each item in list. Some of the softwares will be packaged in product itself however for some we want to download the latest version of it from internet like JRE(java).

I would like to mention one bug(may be in my case only), previously as you said "a core-prerequisite is nothing more (or less) than an include script (.sbi).', I was checking/testing the SetupBuilder for core-prerequisite of Microsoft SQL server 2008 Express Edition(x64) on my machine, while installing the output exe I found that it was not asking me for above prerequisite, so I debugged included script. While debugging I found that Display Message Box (...)(line no 99) function gets executed but it does not show any message box and assume that user has clicked no and continue execution further.

One more, I was checking/testing the SetupBuilder for core-prerequisite Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-19 Redistributable Package (x64).

Another question, I was trying to create setup with UAC execution level 'asInvoker' and installing setup in %localappdata%\MyProduct in with desktop shortcut, however desktop shortcut was not created after installation, I guess we need admin permission for it, is it like this or am I missing something??

Just want to confirm (I apologize for asking many questions in one thread only), from documentation I guess using command line compiler we can integrate setup builder with Jenkins pipeline right? and do we need any other plugin for Jenkins integration?

Thanks in advance