I have created setup.exe using SB10. I have one scenario to test like, I have installed my product 1.0 which install node service using NSSM. now I want to install product 2.0, in 2.0 before copying new files I am checking if service is running then stop and then copy new files and then again start the node service using NSSM. here i want to test like if NSSM is used by other application and that time I am trying to install 2.0 how it works, so when I installed 2.0 it says installed and shows finish screen, and asks for restart, I wanted to check installation log here, so can you please help me how I can get installation log.
And as while installing 2.0 new nssm file will get copied in installation dir however old nssm file is being used by other application so how SB handles this, it does not throw any error? is it in logs?

Thanks in advance!