I am trying to create exe from my sbp file by using command line approach. All files that I need for installation are at [FILE_SOURCE_PATH] compiler variable which could be dynamic, thats why I am passing this variable from command line and creating compiler.txt logs as well.

D:\Projects\buildtools\SetupBuilder>SB10.EXE /CS "D:\Projects\SetupBuilderProjects\TestClient\T est-Client.sbp" /CV FILES_SOURCE_PATH="D:\Projects" /LX "D:\Projects\SetupBuilderProjects\TestClient"

Initially I have set [FILE_SOURCE_PATH] compiler variable to empty so that when this command gets run it will set path to variable and then it will create the exe files. however this is not happening, I got no error on command prompt and no exe files are generated. I have overridden(/LX) the default folder location of compiler.txt file but this file is not getting generated at given path.
I am using UAC execution level as asInvoker.

one more question. what will happen if we set the release from command line?

Thanks in Advance!!