>Wolfgang Orth,
>> an .EXE or .DLL is easily to code-sign with SetupBuilder. I do not really know,
>> what actually happens, but, yeah, it just works.
>> Now my question is, does the same apply to .LIB files?
>Then I have a question for you, why would you want to?
>LIB files aren't executable so why would you ship them unless this is
>for a 3rd party offering. Just wondering.

Hello Lee,

well, yes, this .LIB is meant to be shipped, because it will be part of a
template. This template adds the ability to an EXE to check the validity of
itself and all other binaries in an install.

It is based on the WinTrust-API from Microsoft. Some specific functions got
exported to its own LIB.

And it would be ironical, if such a file, which, is instrumental for checking
the signature of other files, comes without signature.



I am in the process of completing Mike Hansons template and then tinker an
installer for it.

But before doing so, I want to make that needed .LIB secure by code-signing. If
this is possible. So we are back at my initial question: is it possible and how

Just the aame as wir any exe or dll?

I fear I could break something, so I better ask.....

Wolfgang Orth

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