Hope this finds everyone well, I'm working on a major project and need to conditionally hide/show a dialog, how can I accomplish this?

Here's what I've done so far:
1. Created the checkboxes dialog with one option being "Create Shortcuts to %PRODUCTNAME% in My &Start Menu"
2. In the Wizard Loop I've put an "If %OPTFLAG% Equals 1 on Position" (with a value of 2 thus representing the value of the second option in the variable %optflag%) and a corresponding end
3. I've given the "Select Program Folder" dialog a label of "$STARTGROUP$" after the checkboxes screen and after the if/end from above.

The question is what script function needs to be called in between the "if ... Equals 1 on Position" and the "end" in point 2 (above) to control the visibility of the dialog $STARTGROUP$? Thus if the box is checked (1 on position 2) the dialog shows, if it's not checked (0 on position 2) the user doesn't see it.