Quick Update:

Find below the link to download the zip file that contains everything you'll need to work with my demos.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://mega.nz/file/QJcgFTIK#4CeEfG...RHa745eR5qulSk

This 29.7 MB zip file contains the following items of note:
* final builds (compiled installation .exe) of the included SetupBuilder scripts so you can see how it runs as an end-user (the folder called "Final Setup Builder Output" each install is in a folder with the same name is the spb it is linked with)
* SetupBuilder scripts (*.sbp) and SetupBuilder Include Scripts for the uninstaller (*.sbi) (the folder called "SetupScripts") the sbi files are in the folder "SetupScripts\Include Scripts for Uninstalls"
* the two graphics used for top and side bitmaps (in the folder SetupScripts\Setup Graphics)
* the license agreement and ReadMe as rtf files (in the folder SetupScripts\Setup Texts)
* All files that the finished installers install (the folder called "Source Files to Install")
* The original InstallShield final output to compare my versions to the original (in the folder "Original InstallShield MSIs" each program has its own separate folder)
* and a ton of setup side and top graphics for you to play with that I picked up from I forget where in the folder called "More Setup Graphics"

the total uncompressed size of the files in this ZIP package is a little under 50 MB (48.2 MB on disk)
hope these examples help the community in some way.