I've searched for proxy to see how it should work with little success. Could I get some confirmation on my assumptions?
I've assumed that if the my setup includes the Connect to the Internet dialog that dealing with a proxy is taken care of without any further code from me. That is assuming that the user entered information correctly.

If I am using a helper install - a second installer to copy a set of files from the server, I need to read an ini file created by the first (main) installer.

If the user enters proxy information, does the proxy ini get created automatically to be used by the generated wupdate file? or do I have to add code for that?

The manual seems short on explanation of the interaction between the install and the wupdate and the Update install.
I could find no example that contained the word proxy in its code.

If it's there, could someone post a link?
Thanks! This is the first time in close to 20 years that I've gotten a question from a client concerning a proxy server.

Thanks again,
Chris C