Hello all,

since Nettalk 11 requires the latest version of OpenSSL, if we tinker a secure
webserver, and that OpenSSL again requires the latest fashion of the Microsoft
Visual C++ Redistributable, we have to provide them to our endusers.


There is the option to tell SB to include them into the installer. However, I
have to confess that I failed to manage this.

Even more, there is a small chance that the endusers install our program on a
segregated network with no access to the internet. So, missing this inclusion
of the redistrubutables into my installer is not too bad at all then, as I
still have to provide some solution for the admin to obtain that little critter
anyway. At least I can tell them the download-link. Sending out that installer
as part of my ZIP, together with my own installer, would make it more
convenient for the admins, though.

So my question is: Are we permitted to include this Microsoft Visual C++
Redistributable vc_redist.x86.exe into our deployment package?

Or are we only allowed to point to Microsofts website, for the admins to get it

Microsoft writes:

"If any of these files are
provided by Microsoft, check
whether you're permitted to
redistribute them.
You'll find a link to the
Visual Studio license terms
in the IDE."


Hmmm, I do not use Visual Studio, I do not have their IDE. OpenSSL did write
that program and its DLLs.

Does anyone of you know more about this Legalese?

Wolfgang Orth

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