Meanwhile I was able to solve this.

>There is the option to tell SB to include them into the installer. However, I
>have to confess that I failed to manage this.

I have had a conversation with Friedrich here in the group some months ago.

My problem was, that when SB is called from within my standard user account (my
regular account), then the Redistributable Manager is unable to connect and
download the list of available files.

Once I called SB as Admin, I could obtain the list and set the appropriate
checkmark. Back in the standard user account, I marked the Redistributable
under Core Prerequisites. I have absolutely no clue, whether this helped, but
at least now my installer got inflated with appx 30 MB and if that critter is
not installed, SB pops up a message and suggests to do so. If thsi or a more
recent Redistributable pack is at present, then SB just installs my very own
stuff and all is fine!

Case closed.

Wolfgang Orth

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