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As interesting as your patch technique might be, and no matter how you couch it, if you are distributing a work around to a company's security, then you are distributing a crack to that software and are responsible for it. Any user's action not withstanding.
You included original Dreamweaver 9 installation files. That is distributing unauthorized copies of licensed software.
Please don't put things like this on Friedrich's forum.
Maybe next time you can do a patch for setup builder.
Normally I wouldn’t a care as to such things as license agreements or such (especially on such old software) and if someone misuses my demo that’s them misusing it and I’m not responsible for anyone’s actions but my own (my logic: if you buy a gun and use that gun to harm someone is the gun maker responsible for your actions? No… you’re responsible for your actions) however, I see how this example could be abused even with all the disclaimers and such so i removed the link. That was the quickest thing I had to hand to demonstrate patching and since I had to get the job done anyway for my own use… I went ahead and put it here as an example. I actually am not much of a programmer but instead use SB for internal projects (e.g. deploying documentation sets, packaging up files for my own personal use, etc.) and as i learn these things… I like to share it so other’s can learn.

Again normally I would care less… but you make valid points and I wouldn’t want someone getting free SB with a crack (thus shorting Lindersoft out of revenues) so why should I enable others to do the same to Adobe? Maybe because they’re a huge corporation that nickels and dimes their customers with the whole “you don’t own it… once your subscription is up, that’s it give us more money…” attitude… in my opinion, Lindersoft does subscription models right; buy the software and one year worth of updates and fixes; but if you don’t you can still use your older version you just won’t get updates… but again you do make a very valid point and for that I respectfully got rid of the link in the original post.

Thanks for the reply and stay safe