This has been working flawlessly for so long, I want to just leave it alone so it will fix itself. Maybe it's a problem with one of the time stamps...

We produce a demo and full version of several programs that all use the same set of data. The data is distributed with the software.
The problem today is that the demos compile and get code-signed without issue while every full version.
The functional difference between the two is the amount of data. Demos are 256M and Full versions are between 2 and 4GB

I use the http://timestamp.comodoca.com/authenticode


Chris C

Here is the code-signing part of the compiler results
Preparing Uninstaller Code-Signing...
Calculating Feature and Type sizes...
Resolving compiler variables...
Analyzing installation script (protection mode)...
Linking installation script...
Code size: 5,268 bytes
Linking loader...
MZ signature generated successfully
Resum00 executed
Inject main setup icon: D:\Users\Public\SetupBuilder Projects\images\NERC2006.ico
Compile Version Resource...
Code size: 40,448 bytes
Add SZDD stamp @ 7692
Linking decompression library...
Code size: 9,387 bytes
Processing Uninstall Code-Signing...
Adding Digital Certificate to Uninstall...
Resolve CSI...
SVER: 10.0.10586.212
SHA1: 0
SHA2: 0
Successfully code signed Uninstall Object
Process File Overhead Extraction
Uninstall Archive Integrity Verification manipulated successfully
Generating Uninstall Delta [8000]...
84 byte-mods applied
Signature source added [16859:7213]
Signature patch added
Finalizing application...
AIV generated: 51BF4FE245468
Archive Integrity Verification signed successfully
Adding Digital Certificate...
Resolve CSI...
SIGNTOOL: D:\Users\Public\SetupBuilder Projects\pcgarwV9_2021_noCopier_LocalInstall\su_pc g_mt_Full_4.1.16.329.exe
SVER: 10.0.10586.212
SHA1: 1
SHA2: 2
Compiler error GEN1053: Code signing process failed. Error Code: 2
Terminating CSigning Process...[1]