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Hi Colin,

assuming, you have already installed SafeNet.

A "macro" (EVCS = Extended Validation Code Signing) can be used in the "PFX File" entry field (Options -> Code Signing tab).

For example: EVCS://subject name

where subject name is the text listed under the "Issued to" field in Personal/Certificates. The compiler will then select the EV code-signing certificate.

Leave the password blank because SafeNet handles it.

Does this help?

Hi Friedrich. No, unfortunately the EVCS macro doesn't work for me. For the Sectigo hardware dongle to work I had to install the certificate while logged in as administrator and under the local machine store: Trusted Packaged App Installation Authorities. In the next release would it be possible to directly setup the signtool command line please?
PS. Sorry about the delay in my reply. Broken by my recent Sectigo experience (3 weeks, customers more irate by the day), I took time off to build a greenhouse.