Greetings Everyone:

I hope everyone's new year went OK. I recently had a chance to review a few older install programs and even an older entry from Lindersoft and let me tell you... even in its early version (SB 4.something evaluation version) SB put the "Easy" back into "Easy Install". I looked at a few solutions from Indigo Rose (Both MSI and non MSI based), an old version of Install Shield, the latest version of Installer VISE (before the company that made that went out of business), and even some free options like Nulsoft NSIS and Inno setup.... Either the scripting language was too complicated to get my head around or it didn't have the convenience features that Lindersoft has been known for. I'm still impressed with how easy Lindersoft has made even the most complicated install tasks Need to check for .NET on a specific version of windows? Lindersoft can do that with a few lines of point-and-click scripting with some of the best help in the industry. Need to push out a multi-version patch to fix a bug? Lindersoft can do it all with no additional costs as SetupBuilder has an integrated patch facility. Whether you're running internal company projects or pushing an application out to millions all over the globe; Lindersoft's got your covered. My most recent internal project was to repckage The Sims 3 and all its expansions and hotfixes and dependencies to speed up deployment of the game and minimize the disk feeding on my new computer. That is a momentous task to say the least and SB flew moons around all the completion. I was able to get the installer and all of its functions built in a day or two and I'm in the testing phase now to check my handy work. If I was using anything other than SB to solve a lot of my own projects I'd be getting finished with the "rough draft" version in months not days! I've been using SB since at least 2007 with version 7.0 and what can I say? SetupBuilder just keeps getting better and better!

Whether it's an internal project or a public-facing project SetpBuilder will shrink your installation development time frame, simplify and standardize deployment to end users and save your hair from loss due to stress! What can't SetupBuilder do? It's so wonderful it can fix a broken marriage, stop world hunger, and be a fun art form and even therapeutic.

I can't say enough positive things about the folks at LinderSoft.

I'm Carly Fleischmann and SetupBuilder is awesome!