So, I just thought up a wonderful idea, add "code folding" to the script editor thus for those quite large installs (like the one I'm working on right now), you can expand and collapse not only the in-built sections (such as "create folders" and "modify system") but you could create a group of actions (e.g. several file install operaations for a single feature, a very large conditional, etc.) thus if you need to go to some action way out in the weeds (like line 25,201) you're not sitting there killing your finger on the scroll wheel or other such as much (e.g. if you can fold in sections above or below your target line it makes for less scrolling and hunting)

And the weird issue I'm experiencing is two fold (pardon the pun) really:
1. When large patches of code are deleted and new things are put in their place I've wound up with install files statements right in the middle of my if/then blocks
2. in an effort to move some of the displaced lines of code (e.g. a define feature, install files, or some others) I get a dialog that some of the items cannot be moved/copied (e.g. select the displaced code then CTRL+X (cut) then CTRL+V (paste where I want it) does not work thus result in using the up/down buttons at the bottom of the script editor.

Does anyone have any thoughts on these issues?