It's become a common thing for installers to offer to install software for "all users" or just the currently logged in user.

Obviously, this is installer-speak for "want me to build HKCU entries for all user profiles" (and likewise, user-specific doc folders, user-specific appdata, etc).

As more sites have admins doing the installs on behalf of the end users (including via SCCM et al), it shines a light on why installers offer this.

Is there an easy way to do this in SB or do i have to do this in a custom DLL?

By "do this", I mean "create HKCU registry entries for each user profile on a machine", rather than only for the admin - in cases where the primary user does not have install privileges.

"Do this" will also include "create user-profile specific documents/appdata etc entries".

I know I can launch a non-elevated installer helper app from the elevated installer, but this adds complexity Id prefer to avoid.