So, it appears the problem is that the SET %APPTITLE% isnt working.

Here's the user's corresponding HKLM\Software\Lindersoft\WebUpdate\Apps\%APPKEY% (notice the WUCHECK_SSL64 - which is my recompiled 64 bit wucheck_ssl):

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So that (above) references the user's HKLM\SoftwareLindersoft\WebUpdate\AppPaths\

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Note that the key LOCAL_APP is present and is not blank.

I added this code to my 64 bit copy of WUCheck_SSL (blue line):

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When the user ran the updated WUCheck_SSL64, he got this:

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Seems like the HKEY get didnt get from the right place.

So I thought - I dont see "set x64 mode" anywhere in this installer - which is apparently not the same as "create a 64 bit installer"<g>.

So I added "Enable x64 support" and sent him another exe.

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Same message - showing %APPTITLE% as blank.

Not sure if this is me, or WUCheck or something else