I create a new installer about once a decade

The installer is working so I decided to add wucheck_ssl support to it - but when wucheck_ssl /c runs, it says "The Web Update client could not locate an associated application to update" (and it goes on from there).

I didn't see anything in the help referring to this message. The pdf ref manual includes the message and shows the return code (-1). There are no diagnostic "hey Mark, you forgot <this>" comments in this area.

Not sure what I did wrong. I am using the default wucheck_ssl - didnt customize it etc.

I looked at the code and it shows this error being thrown if %APPTITLE% is blank. I have never compiled wucheck in the past and dont recall customizing anything to tell it an app title.

The installer that installs wucheck_ssl (via the standard syntax) makes no reference to %APPTITLE% .

I looked at my other installer (yes, only 2) and it does not make any reference to %APPTITLE%, nor does it appear to do anything different related to wucheck_SSL - BUT, it is a 32 bit installer.

This new installer is a 64 bit installer.