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Thread: ... could not locate an associated application

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    Default Re: ... could not locate an associated application

    I had a feeling something was up:/

    Hope everyone is ok. Will report back on my test results.


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    I ran the WebUpdate_x64.exe installer as instructed. I then ran WUpdate_SSL.exe that was installed into \program files\WebUpdatex64\.

    It didnt work. Then I noticed that the zip had 2 installers. When I ran the one in the subfolder, it worked as noted below.

    Name:  LinderTest.jpg
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    However, there remains some mystery here... Other than including the more recently compiled wupdate_ssl.sbp, what was different?

    There's no way to compare the wupdate_ssl.sbp you provided to the one I have without opening them both and eyeballing each line to see what's different.

    Can you clarify the difference between the wupdate_ssl.sbp in my dist/1033 folder as compared to the wupdate_ssl.sbp in the zip you provided?

    Likewise - what change is necessary to make wucheck_ssl work?



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    Default Re: ... could not locate an associated application

    Hi Mark,

    sorry, the WebUpdate_x64.exe installer (Time Stamp 1:50 PM) was just a test installer to find out what might cause this issue. I forgot to remove it from the ZIP.

    The WebUpdate_x64.exe (Time stamp 1:56 PM) is a simple 64-bit mode project. I compiled a 64-bit version of the original WUPDATE_SSL.EXE. Then I changed Line 82 in the WebUpdate_x64.sbp project to include the custom compiled WUPDATE_SSL.EXE (instead of the 32-bit mode standard one). As a result, WebUpdate works in 64-bit :-)


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    It hit me in the shower this am that you were telling me that I just needed to recompile the wu modules AND be sure to tweak the include. Ill check that and circle back if it doesnt work.



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