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Currently evaluating the SB trial version with a view to purchase. I have 2 questions:

1. I need more text in the Welcome dialog than can fit in the space available, and I can enter it ok in the Text and Messages>DLG_WELCOME_TEXT identifier with its vertical scrollbar. However, when running the project in Test, the bottom of the text is truncated as there is no scrollbar available. Is this wad?

2. When trying to run a Readme file in Test mode, the program crashes without any error messages after running the Welcome dialog. The Readme.rtf file is 46 KB, is that a problem? The Value in the readme Dialog's 'Select Text Resource' is file://E:\Skylog Project\Skylog Pro\V700\Install\README.RTF. The default Value of file://[SB5]\Redist\1033\Readme.rtf displays the 'To add your own license text to this dialog, specify your license agreement file in the Dialogs editor.' normally.

1. As far as I can reasonably tell, this is a hard limit with the welcome dialogue.
2. I’ve used external RTF files that get combined into the set up at compile time slightly larger than that and haven’t experienced any issues, I will see if I can come up with an example at some point and provide a Google Drive link.