Hello again,

1. I'm getting the following message when attempting to verify a serial number using a run command from within a wizard loop:

Performing pre-checks...
Install700_P.sbp(107): warning GEN1128: It is advised not to use a Run program command inside a Wizard Loop structure. The Loop code:

/* If %_SB_EVENTID% Equals "$EVENT:ONUPDATE$" Then */
Put INI Value ("INSTALLATION", "username = %_SB_USERNAME%") to "%TMPDIR%\Install.ini"
Put INI Value ("INSTALLATION", "regncode = %_SB_USERSERIAL%") to "%TMPDIR%\Install.ini"
Set Variable %REGNRESULT% to FUNCTION:Get INI Value ("Installation", "RegnResult") from "%TMPDIR%\install.ini"
Run Program ("%TMPDIR%\Skypconv32.exe", "14 %TMPDIR%") [Feature:Always Install] [Wait]
Set Variable %REGNRESULT% to FUNCTION:Get INI Value ("Installation", "RegnResult") from "%TMPDIR%\install.ini"
If %REGNRESULT% Equals "T" Then
Display Message Box ("Your registration details have been recorded successfully. Thank you for re...", "Registration")
Display Message Box ("The registration details you have entered are incorrect. Please check and r...", "Registration")

I use this exe extensively for various non-UI purposes (eg, checking serial numbers as above), and it is essential that I be able to run it within the wizard loop. The exe seems to run correctly within the wizard loop, so what problems will I encounter in going against this advise?

2. In Competitive Advantages>Flexibility I see: SetupBuilder supports IF and WHILE control structures to provide looping and conditional execution of installation components. I can't see the WHILE command in the available Control Statements?

Thanks for your help.