Thanks Friedrich. I've moved on from that, having learned not to use Enable x64 Support in a 64 bit installer.

I dont get why windows task manager says wucheck_ssl is a 32 bit app, despite the fact that the installer config says "Windows 64 bit installer". Perhaps I read too much into "Windows 64 bit installer" and should understand that ALL SB installers are 32 bit apps with some magic to make 64 bit updates happen. I mean, it makes sense given Clarion.

Currently, I am battling the desire of wucheck_ssl to decline to send messages or read the wud file. I have malware bytes service stopped and disabled. I have exceptions for wucheck_ssl.exe in both windows and malwarebytes. Ive tried disabling every bit of Windows security as well, to no avail.

Despite turning all these things off and adding the various exceptions, it's hard not to see this as something interfering with the execution of wucheck_ssl - but there is nothing left that isnt off or excluded. It's sure not the sort of thing Id ask a user to do.

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I have never had this volume and scope of problems with 32 bit wucheck_ssl. Pretty frustrated after fighting this and other 64 bit wucheck_ssl issues all day.