Hi Mark,

if the "Display Message" commands after the "Download File" function do not display, then I think the "Download File" function (the underlying WinSock components in Windows) did not return (perhaps timeout not reached, etc.). Just for fun, you can comment-out the "Download File" function to check this.

BTW, the created executables are always native 32-bit. Specific 64-bit tasks are processed through native 64-bit modules. You can switch from 32-bit to 64-bit processing and vice versa from a 32-bit application. But native 64-bit apps can't do 32-bit tasks (you can't switch to 32-bit to handle required 32-bit tasks).

BTW, "Enable x64 Support" in a 64-bit installer should not cause any problem. We are doing this on a regular basis. For example, if we have to process 32-bit tasks from a 64-bit installer then we switch to 32-bit processing and later back to 64-bit (using "Enable x64 Support).