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Thread: Cannot Code Sign my last update

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    Default Cannot Code Sign my last update

    I have made a last "Read only" version og my major project.
    Perhaps OK - I am 67 years old now...

    But i cannot code sign it:

    Adding Digital Certificate to Uninstall...
    Resolve CSI...
    SVER: 10.0.10586.212
    SHA2: 1
    Compiler error GEN1053: Code signing process failed. Error Code: 1
    Cleaning environment after compile error...

    I have checked - the certificate is still valid.

    Best regards

    Edvard Korsbęk

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    Default Re: Cannot Code Sign my last update


    please use the "global" code-signing option.

    I would suggest to let the IDE install the signtool.exe (Help -> Get
    Microsoft SignTool.exe)

    Make sure your password is correct and set both SHA-1 and SHA-2 timestamp
    servers to

    If it still does not work (and you are sure your password is correct and
    CapiCom ist installed), put the SignTool.exe onto your anti-virus software's
    "exclusion" list.


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