I would like to hear your perspective on the format of SetupBuilder script files. It is best practice to keep installers scripts in source control for tracking changes and for working as a team. However, when tracking down changes to files, version control systems work best with text-based files. As a workaround, I have created a "file format" in Beyond Compare to export the SetupBuilder scripts to text, then compare those text files. This works with caveats:

  1. The exported script contains only details available in the SetupBuilder script editor. Any details viewable only in the editors of a script line, or details not in script commands (project settings) are not in the exported script.
  2. Such a file format is not supported in web view comparisons, such as GitHub or Azure Repos

Would you provide some insight on the design decisions to make scripts a binary format, and how to better work with SetupBuilder scripts in source control?