We've had a few users struggling at install-time with folders under \users\username\documents lately.

This is one of several messages we might see:

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I started adding log entries to get to the bottom of the rather odd folder name. Here's the code I used:

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The user returned the log to me today and I have pointed out the rather unusual coming back from my request to SB to tell me the folder for CSIDL_PERSONAL on this user's login.

This is what was returned:

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Needless to say, finding ?? in a folder spec is a bit of a surprise. I suspect that the user has enabled OneDrive file sync inside of Office - but I have not confirmed that yet (and this user may have no control over that).

While I can ask the user to manually force the folder location via the command line (a feature of our install for automation-leaning customers), this is far from ideal - particularly if OneDrive market penetration increases.

I was a bit shocked to find an invalid folder name coming back from this request.