When starting SetupBuilder, an error dialog pops up - Failed Application Error: #02409/52 - Cannot open system file: [location of my SB10.lic file].

I did check to make sure my SB10.LIC file is where SetupBuilder thought it should be. Any idea why the error is occurring? I did search the forum for that error and found one entry where it seems the person believes it was Symantec Antivirus causing the error. He excluded SB10.exe from the virus scan, which seemed to fix his error. Unfortunately, that particular setting is set by my company, and I'm not allowed to changed it since it is set at a Symantec Administrator level, so I can't even try to see if that would fix the error. It's not a showstopper because I can just click on OK and SetupBuilder starts as usual. It's just annoying and I thought I'd post something to see if there's something else I can try.