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    Lightbulb REG: Oh the Irony...


    I recently came across an old version of InstallShield (around the 11.x days) and thought I'd give it a try to see if I could acquire a taste for it (nope! still don't like it) and in my testing, my VM kept blowing up on me and so I had to re-install InstallShield and I got sick and tired of manually patching an InstallShield DLL to allow me to use my own activation tools since the 11.x activation servers are to my knowledge long gone. So... enter SetupBuilder, my favorite install tool (and the only one I trust for my tools that keep me alive).

    Well I channeled my inner Alanis Morissette and found the irony in using something other than InstallShield to build that auto-patch :-)

    Name:  ironic5.png
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    Just in case someone is having issues reading that text here's the attributes of that dialog:
    Title Bar Text: Just A Bit of Fun...
    Heading: Well isn't it ironic?
    Sub-Heading: Oh the Irony... Using a tool other than InstallShield to make the patch
    Dialog Text: to quote Alanis Morissette "it's like using SetupBuilder when patching InstallShield..." (ok maybe those weren't the original lyrics to the song); but we do find it ironic that we used a tool other than InstallShield to build this fine patch program.
    LinderSoft SetupBuilder is better for everything in our opinion; go out and support LinderSoft by buying a license rather than supporting the big corporate guys!  
    I the developer of this patch NEVER liked InstallShield or took them seriously :-) I just built this for my own amusement.  No, LinderSoft didn't pay me for the plug, I'm just proud of the tools I use.  These are my thoughts and mine alone and no one had any say in them.
    Full Disclosure: LinderSoft doesn't pay me for my opinions of them or their competitors (good, bad, or indifferent), or my slams on the competition (when I do make such thoughts known in my install work), nor do they have any control over what I say. The feelings expressed in the above screen shot are purely my own and I am the only one who can be held responsible for them :-)

    Hope someone got a laugh out of this one :-)
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