I want to use a serial code which includes the name of the user. For example a MD5 hash or something like that, that includes the name of the user, along with his specific keycode.
I don't want to use just a standard serial number with no name (as I'm doing right now), because it has been brought to my attention that my software is being sold to other people (without me knowing), and I would like to *at least* personalize the keycode with the user's name, so that it is harder to sell a license to someone else (i.e. because the license will show someone else's name)....
Two questions:
1) I would imagine that the best method is to use a DLL to provide this functionality. Do you guys have an example I could use?
2) When I compile a DLL to use with Setupbuilder, do I have to ship the DLL as a second component, or does it get compiled into the EXE file?