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Thread: Uninstaller questions--HELP URL

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    Question Uninstaller questions--HELP URL

    "General" tab in sb IDE; "add/remove" then "help url."

    This is where I identify the help file that is available in Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs. It has to be a file ON THE DESTINATION COMPUTER. I want to name it "%_SB_INSTALLDIR%\myprogram.chm". However, that is not translated to an actual path at runtime. If I enter only "myprogram.chm" then Windows still does nothing because it does not understand the PATH to my help file. [On the other hand, the "Product URL" field DOES work because Windows understands the "http://" portion.]

    What should I put into the "help URL" field so that Add/Remove Programs will find the path to my application's help file?
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