We'll make a new SetupBuilder 5 maintenance release available within the
next few days.

If your SB5 Maintenance and Support Plan expired, you can continue to use
SetupBuilder 5.0, but you will no longer have access to software updates.

Note: All new and paid upgrade SB5 licenses include an one-year Maintenance and Support Plan subscription under which you are eligible for support, upgrades and updates.

To renew your Maintenance and Support Plan, please visit one of the
following sites:

SB5 Developer Edition:

SB5 Professional Edition:

For your information. The following built-in features didn't make it into
the current SetupBuilder 5 versions, but should be in one of the next

- Access to a Remote Registry. Gives you access to a remote registry
and are intended for system administrators for network setups.

- Event Logging. Provides a standard way for installation executables
to record important software installation events.

- XML Support. Support of the COM-based XML processing component from

- Visual Dialog Editor (Developer Edition). The Dialog Editor lets you
customize any custom dialog displayed by your installation. This gives
developers even more control over installations.

- User Account Management (Developer Edition). Support functions to
create a new user account, delete a user account, add a user to a group,
remove group membership from a user, add a privilege to the user account,
remove a privilege from an account, create a new user group, delete a user
group, get specific information for the given user-ID, add/set/revoke/deny
access rights for registry keys.

- COM+ Administration (Developer Edition). Create and configure COM+
applications, install and export existing COM+ applications, manage
installed COM+ applications, manage and configure services.

- IIS 6.0 Support (Developer Edition). Support for deploying Web
services with support for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
version 6.

- Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Support (Developer Edition). Lets you
run SQL Scripts as part of your installation.

- LAN Update (Developer Edition). Web Update already provides an easy
and royalty-free way for software application developers to simply add
live Internet version updating to any program. LAN Update makes it
possible to use the same technology to add live LAN version updating to
any program.

- UpdatePROTECT Support (Add-On). The UpdatePROTECT add-on makes it
possible to generate "Expiration Date Keys" to protect your updates. This
technology is well suited for software subscription services in which the
end-users subscribe, for instance on a monthly, quarterly, semiannually,
etc. basis. At the end of the subscription period, end-users will have the
option of extending the subscription or simply continuing their current
version. But end-users will no longer be able to utilize product updates
released after the subscription expiration date. With UpdatePROTECT, the
subscription renewal is easy and simple. You only have to send a new
"Expiration Date Key" to your end-user.

- Application Repair. Launching setup.exe in the repair mode checks
the key file of every installed feature and reinstalls any feature that is
determined to be missing, corrupt, or an older version.

- 64-bit Support (Developer Edition). Install and register 64-bit
files on 64-bit machines. Interaction with 64-bit system folders and the
64-bit registry are fully supported as well.

- More Wizards. More Wizards to guide setup developers through various

- Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) compiler (Developer Edition).
Create native Microsoft Windows Installer installations.

If there is any further question, please contact our Sales Dept. at
sales (at) lindersoft (dot) com.



Friedrich Linder
CEO, Lindersoft

"point. click. ship" - that's SetupBuilder 5