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Change log for release of SetupBuilder 5.1 Build 1300 (October 26, 2005)


FEATURE : Add support for UpdatePROTECT (available as add-on product).
UpdatePROTECT makes it possible to generate "Subscription Keys"
to protect your installations and updates. This technology is
well suited for software subscription services in which the
end-users subscribe, for instance on a monthly, quarterly,
semiannually, etc. basis.

FEATURE : Add "Current Folder" option to the "Get System Information"
script function to retrieve the current folder.

FEATURE : Add "Skip if file does not exist on target machine" option to
the File Properties dialog. If the file does not already exist
on the target machine, the file will not be installed or

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#510131] Web Update Username and Password information can
be stored in encrypted form now.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#510182] Add "Display in Silent Mode" option to "Display
Message Box" script function.

IMPROVEMENT: Display an additional error code for "decompression errors"
to identify the cause of it.

FIX : [SB#510051] "Reboot/Restart System" item could not be deleted
from within the Script Editor.

FIX : Possible GPF in the IDE if a file in the Files and Folders
Visualizer did not have a file extension.

FIX : [SB#510101] Possible "script analyzing" compiler problem.

FIX : IDE resizing caused a "file counter" reset in the Files and
Folders Visualizer.

FIX : [SB#510121] Uninstall did not remove in-use files. If uninstall
cannot delete a file, a message comes up now and offers to
retry (until file is writable) or to continue. If user clicks
the Continue button, the uninstaller asks to reboot the machine
at the end of the uninstall process and removes/replaces
the file(s) on reboot.

FIX : Uninstall executable was not removed if uninstall rebooted
the machine.

FIX : [SB#510181] "File Attributes" option in File Properties was
not working properly.

CHANGE : Remove "Replace In-Use Files" checkbox from General
Information Visualizer.

CHANGE : Add BTN_CONTINUE and UNINST_INUSE text resource to all
language files. Please use the "Update String Resources..."
IDE function to update your projects.

CHANGE : Updated wupdate.exe client (including wupdate.sb5 source code).

CHANGE : Internal modifications in the IDE resizing source code to make
it compatible with Clarion 6.2 (9048).

CHANGE : Recompiled with Clarion 6.2 (9048).


Friedrich Linder
CEO, Lindersoft

"point. click. ship" - that's SetupBuilder 5