SetupBuilder 5.2 Build #1321 is released.

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Change log for release of SetupBuilder 5.2 Build 1321 (November 16, 2005)


FEATURE : Add UpdatePROTECT as an integral part of Developer Edition.
UpdatePROTECT makes it possible to generate "Subscription Keys"
to protect your installations and updates. This technology is
well suited for software subscription services in which the
end-users subscribe, for instance on a monthly, quarterly,
semiannually, etc. basis.

IMPROVEMENT: Update "Afrikaans" language file (thanks to Ben Riebens).

FIX : If a project is active in the IDE and a new script is created
without closing the project, the IDE ended up in a infinite

FIX : Creating a new project did not load pre-defined script


Friedrich Linder
CEO, Lindersoft

"point. click. ship" - that's SetupBuilder 5