SetupBuilder 5 Developer Edition includes a variety of features designed
to help you manage access to your software, including serial number lists
and date-based or version-based expiration.

UpdatePROTECT is an integral part of the SetupBuilder 5.2 Developer Edition
flagship now. You can quickly generate "Subscription Keys" to protect
your updates. This technology is well suited for software subscription
services in which the end-users subscribe, for instance on a monthly,
quarterly, semi-annually, etc. basis.

At the end of the subscription period, end-users will have the option of
extending the subscription or simply continuing their current version. But
end-users will no longer be able to utilize product updates released after
the subscription expiration date/version. With UpdatePROTECT, the
subscription renewal is easy and simple. You only have to send a new
"Subscription Key" to your end-user.

If you distribute software to others - within a department, company, or to
the public - ensuring that your users can install the software smoothly
should be a major concern. SetupBuilder 5 can help ease your mind.

SoftVelocity, Inc. uses SetupBuilder to create service packs (patches) for
Clarion 6.2. The size of the entire set of Clarion 6.2 "Gold" update files
is more than 50 MB. The SetupBuilder byte-level patching mechanism reduces
this to 3.6 MB (93% reduction) to keep Internet bandwidth to a minimum!

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Friedrich Linder
CEO, Lindersoft

"point. click. ship" - that's SetupBuilder 5