Hi Friedrich

I am passing the version number from my compiled app to SB5 via an INI file..

In the SB5 script, at "Initialise Setup", I read the INI Build value into a contant - #const $BUILD$ = Get value from INI file:....
Then I move the value from $BUILD$ into a compiler variable [VERSION] - #set compiler variable [VERSION] = $BUILD$

I then use the compiler variable in the iDeploy Web Update - Product Version field

I find that the first time I compile the script after opening SetupBuilder, the value in [VERSION] and hence the Web Update INI file is "$BUILD$"
The next time I compile, it has the correct value of "3.7.25" or whatever it received from the INI file. So it appears that the $BUILD$ constant had not been initialised by the time I move the constant into the compiler variable, but then it is later on.

I'm not sure why this is the case. Is "Initialise Setup" the correct place to load the constant from my INI file? Or is there an earlier place that I should do it?

Ive attached my script.