Hi Friedrich,

This weekend, I had to temporarily shut down my own Forum to prevent a meltdown. At one point, I counted 44 spammers trying to sign on at the same time. The software I'm using is phpBB.

I see you're using vBulletin, yet your forum is daily invaded by spammers. At least with phpBB, I have a mod that requires me to activate each user. Nobody gets to post or even show up on the memberlist until activated. What's more, I can delete inactive accounts in bulk. Unfortunately, that means some valid applicants get occasionally deleted as well.

On their website, vBulletin claims to have effective spam prevention, up to and including AKISMET. Before I change from the free phpBB software to the $160 vBulletin app, is there any reason why you're not using anti-spam measures? It must get tiring to see the V-I-A-G-R-A and pedophile crowd hawk their wares on the Lindersoft forum, not to mention the daily work involved in getting rid of them.

Hal Heindel