Because quite a few users are interested in the Visual Dialog Editor, this feature will be part of the next dot update.

This is the updated Roadmap for 2006 (new features in alphabetical order):

Q1 2006 (SetupBuilder 5.3 - 5.x)

- Clarion 6.3 Support.
- Event Logging Support.
- Folder Watch Support (Developer Edition).
- IIS 6.0 Support (Developer Edition).
- Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Sybase SQL Anywhere Support (Developer Edition).
- Remote Registry Access Support.
- SoftDefense Support.
- Visual Dialog Editor Support (Developer Edition).

Q2/Q3/Q4 2006 (SetupBuilder 6.0 - 6.x)

- Application Repair Support.
- Clarion 7 Support.
- COM+ Administration Support (Developer Edition).
- LAN Update Functionality (Developer Edition).
- Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) compiler (Developer Edition).
- User Account Management Support (Developer Edition).
- XML Support.