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    What is iDeploy Web Installation?


    A Web Installation package is an installer that takes advantage of the web to distribute files. Before the advent of web installers, users downloaded the entire setup executable and ran that installer. But end users frequently do not need all the files contained in an installer. The iDeploy technology simplifies the user experience by first downloading a small "smart" installer which can retrieve just the pieces needed for the user's specific requirements. The web installer will also detect which files you need to have updated and only download those that are out-of-date. Because a web installation downloads only the pieces they need, you shorten their download time, and reduce your web server load at the same time. You can also easily distribute any of these "smart" installers on floppies, CD or via email. A web installer differs from any other installer you might create in only a few ways. In addition to the normal setup items, a web installer needs information about where on the Web the installer can obtain file objects.

    The Internet-based technology will save you time and money by distributing new software applications and updates via the Web. Unlike other web deployment technologies, SetupBuilder 5 does not rely on browser plug-ins or ActiveX controls, thus freeing your users from having to endure a multimegabyte download just to get your software. ActiveX controls or Java plug-ins could give malicious hackers entry to PCs, but SetupBuilder's web installer downloads an .exe file. The installation runs as a stand-alone application and uses the WINSOCK API to download the necessary files
    required for the installation.

    When your users use a web installer, they should have an install experience very similar to that of a single-file installer. When the end users launch the installer, they are presented with the usual installer items. License Agreement, Setup Information, Setup Types, and Install Location options are the same as those presented from a "standard" single file.

    SetupBuilder Requirements:

    Developer Edition. This function is not available in the Clarion or Professional versions of the SetupBuilder Installation System.
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