SetupBuilder 5.3 Build #1393 is released.

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Change log for release of SetupBuilder 5.3 Build 1393 (January 27, 2006)


FEATURE : Create a compiler.txt file if there was a compile error. The
log file is located in the same directory as the sbuilder.exe
file. Interesting feature if you compile from the command

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#601191] #msg and #msgbox compiler directives can resolve
compiler variables and constants now.

IMPROVEMENT: Add "Set Text" option to "Wizard: Set Control Properties"
script function.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#601261] Add "Replace Existing Shortcut" to the Shortcut
Folder Properties dialog.

FIX : [SB#601201] Possible "Text File Operations..." script item

FIX : [SB#601211] Possible "Decompression #6" problem.

FIX : Possible self-deleting uninstall folder problem if uninstall
application is located in the 2nd level subfolder.

FIX : Possible save IDE position problem (maximize, minimize, right
click on it on the taskbar, choose close saved).

FIX : Changing the active language (Set Active Setup Language script
function) did not refresh some standard installer messages.

FIX : [SB#601271] Compiler bug (incorrect general properties

REGRESSION : [SB#601202] Remove installer (self-remove) feature was not
working as expected.

REGRESSION : [SB#601241] In certain isolated circumstances, the compiler
generated an incorrect file attribute.

CHANGE : A compile does not change the compiler variable values in the
Compiler Variables view any longer.

CHANGE : Minor Script Editor modifications.