We received quite a few emails with regard to similar SetupBuilder
Maintenance and Support Subscription Plan questions.

1. Subscription expired

Question: My SetupBuilder subscription expired. Do I have to buy an update
to get access to SetupBuilder 7?

Answer: No. There are no "updates" available for SetupBuilder 5.x or
SetupBuilder 6.x. If your subscription expired, you only have to "reactivate
and renew" your subscription and you will receive a new Maintenance Key
which will allow you to download and use an additional 12 month's worth of

Example: If your SetupBuilder Developer Edition subscription expired on
November 25, 2007, you can "reactivate and renew" for $225 and you'll
receive the latest SetupBuilder 6.9 Developer Edition including a full
1-year subscription. The subscription ensures that you will always have the
latest version of your licensed installation product without any additional
cost during the term of the Plan. This includes SetupBuilder 7.x.

2. Subscription is due to expire

Question: My SetupBuilder subscription is due to expire. If I renew my
subscription before it expires, are there any additional costs involved to
get access to SetupBuilder 7?

Answer: No. The renewal of your Maintenance and Support Subscription Plan
subscription will extend (for another 12 months beyond the expiration date
of your current subscription) your eligibility for support, upgrades and

Example: If your SetupBuilder Developer Edition subscription is due to
expire on October 4, 2008, you can renew your subscription for $149 and your
subscription will be extended for 12 months. You get every new release,
version, and feature enhancement for your licensed software. This includes
access to SetupBuilder 7.

3. Buy SetupBuilder 6.9 now, get SetupBuilder 7 when available?

Question: If I buy SetupBuilder 6.9 now, do I have to pay an update fee for
SetupBuilder 7?

Answer: Customers who purchase SetupBuilder 6.9 with a 1-year Gold
(Developer Edition) or 6-month Silver (Professional Edition) now will
receive SetupBuilder 7, free of charge, as part of their subscription plan.

If there are further questions, please let us know.

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