I have set up SB6 to handle all the variations of our product using the Release function. We now can select a release and compile the Demo version, the Single User version, the Network 5 User version, the Network 10 User version, or any of three custom versions.

The Release Visualizer screen allowed me to have different target folders for the resulting installer EXE files by using the Output Directory feature.

I needed for each of those installs to create a unique Server Manifest file. I tried doing this by creating in each release a Compiler Variable named [SRVMNFST] and giving it a unique value in each release.

Next I went to the Enable Web Update visualizer screen and simply entered [SRVMNFST] as the value in the "Server Manifest File" field. It worked like a charm. I am so impressed with your amazing setup program.

Now all the web updates for all the versions can be placed in one folder and each will have its own EXE name and its own Server Manifest file name. Slick!

Here is my question. Am I correct in assuming that the Release Compiler Variables are defined before anything else happens so that I can safely use them anywhere in the scripts or anywhere in the Visualizer screens? They obviously work in some screens (Web Update), I am just wondering if they work EVERYWHERE?

-O. D.-
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