I have the installs (web and single exe) working and web update works. However, the wupdate program does not seem to realize that it was called from a running program that needs to be shut down.

I am sure I just have some one setting not set correctly. The product GUIDs are there and the "Find Previous Version" function works perfectly. Once the update is done, I then get a message that the machine must be rebooted. Windows seems to have detected that an install needs to be done and that the main program needs to be shut down in order to complete that install.

Any suggestions on where to look to see what I have done wrong that is causing Wupdate.exe to not detect the running program?

Here are the contents of the Ideploy.CLI file.

LOCAL_APP=Stockroom Inventory 5.0.7 F Single User
HOST_USERNAME=315737536578505467694A46515342486B71 68303745692F58773D3D
HOST_PASSWORD=70774A756D636936354D4B787A4643526E52 504F537A445A35513D3D

I was wondering if the problem is the "LOCAL_APP" setting. I have a feeling that the main program exe name should be there.

-O. D.-